Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization

As more and more people start to use internet in India, small and medium size companies can use this internet users to expand their business. According to a 2011 survey India has around 121 million internet users and this number is set to increase by 15% on a yearly basis. This analysis supports SME’s to expand their online business through organic search engine optimization.

How SEO can help you in your business?

seo-1seo 1It has become very common for companies to create a website for their business, will creating a website alone bring you more business? No, on a average there are thousands of websites created in India alone and the only option to generate business through a website is to expose the website to people who are looking for service provided by your company and by making them visit your website, you can generate online business. SEO plays this crucial role of exposing your website to the people who are looking for the service you offer.

Kinds of visitors

The people who visit a website can be termed into two, paid visitors and organic visitors. Paid visitors visit a website by clicking on the ads you have posted online whereas, organic visitors visit the website by searching for a specific service in search engines like google, yahoo and bing. In order to generate organic visitors to your website you need search engine optimization.

Why you should select an experienced search engine optimization company?

seo-2Search engine optimization is an industry that constantly evolves. Search often change their algorithm to give better search results for the users. Therefore, to provide best seo services a seo company has learn the changes that are made by search engines and re-engineer their seo techniques accordingly. This can only be done by a seo company that has an appetite to learn new things and has deep understanding of search engine algorithms.

How ABS can help?

ABS has more than 4 years of experience in SEO and has worked well over 400 SEO projects successfully. ABS does not concentrate only on bringing visitors to your website; instead we work on projecting you as a brand that is well recognized online. To expand your business online kindly share with us your website url and one of our business development manager will get in touch with you to provide a custom quote. You can e-mail us at

How Advanced is our SEO strategy?

We at ABS keeps ourselves updated on the latest algorithm changes made by the search engine and the implication of those changes in the SEO. We are also members of many SEO forums and groups that helps us to share and obtain knowledge that helps us in the evolution of our SEO techniques.

Apart from the traditional link building techniques we also use advanced methods like Inforgraphics, Guest Blogging, Tiered Link Building, Videos, Document Sharing and Competitor link acquisition.